Writing As A Career

I’ve always said that if I decided not to pursue writing as my career I would have probably become a landscape architecture, but that’s probably because my father owns a landscape architecture firm, but at the same time I always thought it was really cool and a really cool job that made a big difference in all the communities that my dad’s business worked in. They would create golf courses, parks and greenways and help make big complexes and neighborhoods look nice throughout the streets with trees and other vegetation, and they always were working with the land itself to make some kind of changes.

The earth was a big part of the landscape architecture, and when there were big projects in the middle of the city it became a whole different ball game with urban landscaping being the main idea. The thing about urban landscaping, especially in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, is that there really isn’t that much area to plant any trees or anything like that because literally everything is covered in concrete, but you can still do all these other types of landscaping in urban areas that most people would never think of, and it can make a big difference to your home or neighborhood when you do decide to go through with an urban landscaping project because all of a sudden trees and other plants start to make people remember that there is nature out there, somewhere in the mystical outside the city’s limits.

But inside the confines of a concrete jungle of a city there are a lot of different options that you will have in terms of how exactly to go about doing a form of urban landscaping, and of course there are a lot of things that urban landscapers can do in terms of privately for businesses and homes that are looking to create a unique landscape for their property, and of course in Los Angeles there are a lot of wealthy people who want to have some kind of urban landscape put into their extravagant properties, and it’s just a part of living in places like Beverly Hills, but of course not everyone lives in Beverly Hills. When it comes down to it urban landscaping is an art form, and the canvass is the ground, or earth, that you will create from within a limited space. It’s a unique line of work and it’s very unique in terms of the type of landscape architecture that it is, and that’s super important when you start to think about the large scope of what urban landscaping is and how it fits into architecture as a whole, because if you really think about it there are so many different styles and methods that can be used in architecture, including landscape architecture, so creativity and the ability to see things that aren’t there is super important when you are starting to wonder what you can do for a certain urban area that you want to be landscaped. Another thing to take into consideration when planning out what you are going to do is the commercial plumber side of things and make sure that all of that is figured out first since that will be the first thing to go in.

It’s definitely a tough business in general because there is a certainly good amount of competition everywhere, especially in large cities, and a lot of times you’ll see the big landscaping corporations swallow up all of the work because they have the manpower and the capabilities including capital to put up some pretty large scale projects as they come and go into the landscaping marketplace.