Lawn Maintenance

3. Low maintenance landscapes
One of the most important aspects of a good landscape design is the utilization of local environmental elements. The professional landscape architects have experience in the local environments and can help you design a landscape that is economically sustainable as well as very low maintenance. Inclusion of local flora in your garden, for example, will not only reduce the watering costs, but also promote the local fauna to form a thriving little ecosystem. Local plants are more suited for the conditions of your area and as a result are not as demanding in terms of care as some exotic species.
4. Energy efficiency
Landscape architecture involves planning out the placements of trees and plants in your yard. Properly placed trees will not obstruct sunlight during the day time and reduce or eliminate the need of electrical lighting at least during the day time. Similarly, a lot of strategically placed greenery will help regulate the local atmosphere so that you can cut down on the heating and cooling costs. A landscape architect is a very well trained professional and can help you decide on all these aspects to help you live in a more energy efficient and greener home.
5. Helping the environment
Landscape architects have a lot of experience in resource conservation and can help you design a landscape that helps in conservation. For example, one of the design aspects many landscape architects apply in their designs is permeable paving. It reduces run off after rains and promotes groundwater recharge by encouraging seepage through the ground.
Similarly, many landscape architects are experienced in creating small ecosystems in your backyard such as rain gardens to promote a habitat for local birds and insects.
Another great example is the natural pools that can be constructed. Natural pools can sometimes act like ponds but at the same time gives you the benefit of a chlorinated pool. Many landscape architects specialize in creating these natural pools which are helpful in conserving water as well as are low on maintenance.
6. Professional help
Another great thing about hiring a professional landscape architect is the fact that they are very well versed with the codes and regulations of the state. The final product will be up to code and you will not have to make any amends just in order to meet the requirements after you have finished the construction.

Things to look for while hiring a landscape architect
Hiring a landscape architect can be a daunting process especially if you have not done it before. You might have a million questions regarding how to go about it. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask before you plans on settling with a professional: