Landscape the City

In today’s rapidly urbanizing world, everyone wants to live in a city. People are ditching the quiet calm country life for the fast paced city life in huge numbers. Cities have so much more to offer, especially for the younger generation. A lot of things to do, place to visit and of course the razzmatazz!

Huge office buildings and residential complexes are sprouting in big and small cities like wild mushrooms, taking over the once open land. The cities are loosing open spaces and turning into a concrete jungle, and fast. The proper and efficient utilization of the land that is left, is the key to strike a balance between expansion and conservation.

Landscape architecture is helping big cities in conservative expansion. The professionals specializing in the landscape architecture create an outdoor living space that is equally important to the space within the confines of walls. The Landscape artists strive hard to create an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally efficient.

A properly planned and executed landscape architecture can completely transform the outlook of open spaces. It can achieve a balance between the built and the natural elements of the environment to create a medley that is simply breathtaking.

Apart from planning the parks and other open spaces in the cities, landscape architects have a significant role to play in the residential markets as well. A number of professional landscape architecture companies completely focus on the residential side of the profession to provide better outdoor spaces for the residents. Residential landscape architecture involves creating a space outside the homes that is both elegant and adds functionality to the architecture on a whole.

What is Landscape Architecture
The field of landscape architecture was popularized in the United States by the world renowned architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted. He is universally known as the father of modern landscape architecture and is most widely known for designing the world famous Central Park of the New York City.

Landscape architecture is an amalgamation of various fields such as environmental sciences, ecology, art, design and many, many more. Modern landscape architecture aims at achieving a wide array of outcomes by utilizing the principles of all these fields to contribute toward a better utilization of resources.

Landscape architects have been creating environments that have constantly encouraged people to live a better life. The planned environments have been helping people in many ways such as motivating them to exercise, provide clean air and water and even supply healthy nutritious food.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) was founded in 1899 to promote the profession and advancement of the profession through various educative programs aimed to increase awareness. The goals of the ASLA is to provide licensure to maintain the quality of the profession and help shape public policy toward sustainable design, historic preservation, emergency management amongst many others.

Landscape architecture is not just planting trees and maintaining gardens. It involves much, much more. A landscape architect not only plans the look of the space, but is also responsible for the implementing a functionality aspect to his/her design. Modern landscape architects are designers of a landscape that is both aesthetically appealing and environmentally conscious.

The appeal of Landscape architecture to homeowners
There has been an increasing demand of professional landscape architecture experts in the homeowner market as well. Whether you want to redesign your front yard or want to build an oasis in your backyard, the landscape architects can do it all.

The modern Landscape architecture can do wonders for your home. With more and more people wanting their homes to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, a redesigned landscape can greatly aid in achieving this goal without turning your home into an eyesore.