Government Permits

It’s definitely interesting to see just who gets the jobs for these types of projects, and I remember seeing my father on television talking and proposing plans to the local city council and government to get permits and other types of permission to do certain projects all across the city. This is just part of what a lot of urban landscapers have to deal with if they want to do some bigger projects that are a lot of times funded by the government. You can imagine that this can be frustrating to a lot of people who don’t like that their tax payer money is being spent towards putting together some type of greenway in the middle of the city, although a lot of people would be very happy that their money is going to something that the community can enjoy together. This is called tree trimming, It can sometimes become a type of voter situation in which there is support and opposition, and for the people who work in this field it’s not always welcoming to see outside citizens openly opposing your projects for no apparent reason except for the fact that the local government subsidizes it.

But the truth of the matter is that urban landscaping can take so many different shapes and sizes and can be publicly funded or privately funded, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of really cool projects come from these types of people and they help design and then build these projects up from the ground and create what we all know today as urban landscaping. It’s a cool business in which you need to know a lot about trees and botany in general, and in really interesting places you might see some really cool trees planted, and you better believe it that those really cool plants that are randomly planted somewhere in a city were specifically placed there on purpose by an urban landscaper, and that’s just part of what makes this type of work so awesome to be a part of, and that’s because all of us who enjoy the urban areas of the world are a part of this landscaping because we see it and are in it all the time, and that makes us one with the work.

So the next time you are out and about in the big city take a look around and see what exactly is going on in terms of the plants and the landscaping, and if you actually take the time to notice these types of things you might just notice that someone very talented designed the area in which you are walking, and in fact everywhere you go is specifically designed. So enjoy the art, it’s literally everywhere.