Government Permits

It’s definitely interesting to see just who gets the jobs for these types of projects, and I remember seeing my father on television talking and proposing plans to the local city council and government to get permits and other types of permission to do certain projects all across the city. This is just part of what a lot of urban landscapers have to deal with if they want to do some bigger projects that are a lot of times funded by the government. You can imagine that this can be frustrating to a lot of people who don’t like that their tax payer money is being spent towards putting together some type of greenway in the middle of the city, although a lot of people would be very happy that their money is going to something that the community can enjoy together. This is called tree trimming, It can sometimes become a type of voter situation in which there is support and opposition, and for the people who work in this field it’s not always welcoming to see outside citizens openly opposing your projects for no apparent reason except for the fact that the local government subsidizes it.

But the truth of the matter is that urban landscaping can take so many different shapes and sizes and can be publicly funded or privately funded, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of really cool projects come from these types of people and they help design and then build these projects up from the ground and create what we all know today as urban landscaping. It’s a cool business in which you need to know a lot about trees and botany in general, and in really interesting places you might see some really cool trees planted, and you better believe it that those really cool plants that are randomly planted somewhere in a city were specifically placed there on purpose by an urban landscaper, and that’s just part of what makes this type of work so awesome to be a part of, and that’s because all of us who enjoy the urban areas of the world are a part of this landscaping because we see it and are in it all the time, and that makes us one with the work.

So the next time you are out and about in the big city take a look around and see what exactly is going on in terms of the plants and the landscaping, and if you actually take the time to notice these types of things you might just notice that someone very talented designed the area in which you are walking, and in fact everywhere you go is specifically designed. So enjoy the art, it’s literally everywhere.

Writing As A Career

I’ve always said that if I decided not to pursue writing as my career I would have probably become a landscape architecture, but that’s probably because my father owns a landscape architecture firm, but at the same time I always thought it was really cool and a really cool job that made a big difference in all the communities that my dad’s business worked in. They would create golf courses, parks and greenways and help make big complexes and neighborhoods look nice throughout the streets with trees and other vegetation, and they always were working with the land itself to make some kind of changes.

The earth was a big part of the landscape architecture, and when there were big projects in the middle of the city it became a whole different ball game with urban landscaping being the main idea. The thing about urban landscaping, especially in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, is that there really isn’t that much area to plant any trees or anything like that because literally everything is covered in concrete, but you can still do all these other types of landscaping in urban areas that most people would never think of, and it can make a big difference to your home or neighborhood when you do decide to go through with an urban landscaping project because all of a sudden trees and other plants start to make people remember that there is nature out there, somewhere in the mystical outside the city’s limits.

But inside the confines of a concrete jungle of a city there are a lot of different options that you will have in terms of how exactly to go about doing a form of urban landscaping, and of course there are a lot of things that urban landscapers can do in terms of privately for businesses and homes that are looking to create a unique landscape for their property, and of course in Los Angeles there are a lot of wealthy people who want to have some kind of urban landscape put into their extravagant properties, and it’s just a part of living in places like Beverly Hills, but of course not everyone lives in Beverly Hills. When it comes down to it urban landscaping is an art form, and the canvass is the ground, or earth, that you will create from within a limited space. It’s a unique line of work and it’s very unique in terms of the type of landscape architecture that it is, and that’s super important when you start to think about the large scope of what urban landscaping is and how it fits into architecture as a whole, because if you really think about it there are so many different styles and methods that can be used in architecture, including landscape architecture, so creativity and the ability to see things that aren’t there is super important when you are starting to wonder what you can do for a certain urban area that you want to be landscaped. Another thing to take into consideration when planning out what you are going to do is the commercial plumber side of things and make sure that all of that is figured out first since that will be the first thing to go in.

It’s definitely a tough business in general because there is a certainly good amount of competition everywhere, especially in large cities, and a lot of times you’ll see the big landscaping corporations swallow up all of the work because they have the manpower and the capabilities including capital to put up some pretty large scale projects as they come and go into the landscaping marketplace.

Lawn Maintenance

3. Low maintenance landscapes
One of the most important aspects of a good landscape design is the utilization of local environmental elements. The professional landscape architects have experience in the local environments and can help you design a landscape that is economically sustainable as well as very low maintenance. Inclusion of local flora in your garden, for example, will not only reduce the watering costs, but also promote the local fauna to form a thriving little ecosystem. Local plants are more suited for the conditions of your area and as a result are not as demanding in terms of care as some exotic species.
4. Energy efficiency
Landscape architecture involves planning out the placements of trees and plants in your yard. Properly placed trees will not obstruct sunlight during the day time and reduce or eliminate the need of electrical lighting at least during the day time. Similarly, a lot of strategically placed greenery will help regulate the local atmosphere so that you can cut down on the heating and cooling costs. A landscape architect is a very well trained professional and can help you decide on all these aspects to help you live in a more energy efficient and greener home.
5. Helping the environment
Landscape architects have a lot of experience in resource conservation and can help you design a landscape that helps in conservation. For example, one of the design aspects many landscape architects apply in their designs is permeable paving. It reduces run off after rains and promotes groundwater recharge by encouraging seepage through the ground.
Similarly, many landscape architects are experienced in creating small ecosystems in your backyard such as rain gardens to promote a habitat for local birds and insects.
Another great example is the natural pools that can be constructed. Natural pools can sometimes act like ponds but at the same time gives you the benefit of a chlorinated pool. Many landscape architects specialize in creating these natural pools which are helpful in conserving water as well as are low on maintenance.
6. Professional help
Another great thing about hiring a professional landscape architect is the fact that they are very well versed with the codes and regulations of the state. The final product will be up to code and you will not have to make any amends just in order to meet the requirements after you have finished the construction.

Things to look for while hiring a landscape architect
Hiring a landscape architect can be a daunting process especially if you have not done it before. You might have a million questions regarding how to go about it. Here are some of the most important questions you should ask before you plans on settling with a professional:

Main Stream

landscape architecture is gaining a widespread mainstream acceptance and is no longer a project that is undertaken by the super rich. Many average American families have been investing in landscape architecture to increase the value of their homes as well as to add functionality. The landscape architecture has helped many Americans achieve their dream homes integrated with an eco-friendly and sustainable design.

Reasons to spend on landscape architecture
A great landscape architect can add so much value to your home. You can utilize the space that you have to create wonderful pieces of art that are actually functional. Investing in landscape architecture is a great way to help environment as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of your house. Let us look at the reasons for choosing to hire a professional landscape architect:
1. Increase the value of your home
One of the best investments that you can make in renovating your home is hiring a professional landscape architect. Professional renovation can increase the value of your home by as much as 15%! A well trained landscape architect can design an outdoor space for you that will add significant value to your home as well as extend your living space. Many landscape architecture plans involve creating a natural habitat right in your backyard so that you are in unison with nature and can enjoy living amidst nature right in the middle of the city.
Many accouterments such as arbors, fireplaces, waterfalls and fountains, outdoor kitchens can create a very open and inviting space within your open yard that is economically sustainable.
In contrast to the traditional home additions or remodels, landscaping your home will grow in value over time.
2. Plan the best design
Professional landscape architects have a training in planning and project management. They often think the landscapes as functional systems. They put a lot of energy in planning the big picture outcomes as well as the visual details of the designs of the landscape. Their experience in construction material, style and texture also helps you to select a design that suits your aesthetic as well as functional and financial needs. Consulting alandscape architect will help you clearly visualize the final outcome of your project so that you can make changes before the actual construction begins.

Landscape the City

In today’s rapidly urbanizing world, everyone wants to live in a city. People are ditching the quiet calm country life for the fast paced city life in huge numbers. Cities have so much more to offer, especially for the younger generation. A lot of things to do, place to visit and of course the razzmatazz!

Huge office buildings and residential complexes are sprouting in big and small cities like wild mushrooms, taking over the once open land. The cities are loosing open spaces and turning into a concrete jungle, and fast. The proper and efficient utilization of the land that is left, is the key to strike a balance between expansion and conservation.

Landscape architecture is helping big cities in conservative expansion. The professionals specializing in the landscape architecture create an outdoor living space that is equally important to the space within the confines of walls. The Landscape artists strive hard to create an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as functionally efficient.

A properly planned and executed landscape architecture can completely transform the outlook of open spaces. It can achieve a balance between the built and the natural elements of the environment to create a medley that is simply breathtaking.

Apart from planning the parks and other open spaces in the cities, landscape architects have a significant role to play in the residential markets as well. A number of professional landscape architecture companies completely focus on the residential side of the profession to provide better outdoor spaces for the residents. Residential landscape architecture involves creating a space outside the homes that is both elegant and adds functionality to the architecture on a whole.

What is Landscape Architecture
The field of landscape architecture was popularized in the United States by the world renowned architect, Fredrick Law Olmsted. He is universally known as the father of modern landscape architecture and is most widely known for designing the world famous Central Park of the New York City.

Landscape architecture is an amalgamation of various fields such as environmental sciences, ecology, art, design and many, many more. Modern landscape architecture aims at achieving a wide array of outcomes by utilizing the principles of all these fields to contribute toward a better utilization of resources.

Landscape architects have been creating environments that have constantly encouraged people to live a better life. The planned environments have been helping people in many ways such as motivating them to exercise, provide clean air and water and even supply healthy nutritious food.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) was founded in 1899 to promote the profession and advancement of the profession through various educative programs aimed to increase awareness. The goals of the ASLA is to provide licensure to maintain the quality of the profession and help shape public policy toward sustainable design, historic preservation, emergency management amongst many others.

Landscape architecture is not just planting trees and maintaining gardens. It involves much, much more. A landscape architect not only plans the look of the space, but is also responsible for the implementing a functionality aspect to his/her design. Modern landscape architects are designers of a landscape that is both aesthetically appealing and environmentally conscious.

The appeal of Landscape architecture to homeowners
There has been an increasing demand of professional landscape architecture experts in the homeowner market as well. Whether you want to redesign your front yard or want to build an oasis in your backyard, the landscape architects can do it all.

The modern Landscape architecture can do wonders for your home. With more and more people wanting their homes to be energy efficient and eco-friendly, a redesigned landscape can greatly aid in achieving this goal without turning your home into an eyesore.